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Mirrored Comics

DOB: 16th of August
Favorite Colors: General Cool Spectrum [Usually any surrounding Blue-Green and cool Greys] and some of the Warm Spectrum [Orange-Yellows to hot Reds and warm Greys]
Favourite Genre of Manga and Anime/Movies: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Favourite Music Genre: Classical, Video Game OST, Jazz
Interests: Interested in anything and everything in terms of knowledge.
Hobbies: Will pick up anything when possible.
Likes: Everything that they don't dislike, and it is a very short list.
Dislikes: Everything that they don't like, and it's a very long list.

Other: Feather is an odd type. Usually found within the north part of the North America in the land of Maple Syrup, garbed in the warmest sweaters possible due to being unable to handle the cold, this little comic book artist spends most of their time having too many random ideas for comics.

Their comics usually stick within the Comedy genre, filled with parodies and satires while weaving in random social and political commentary by accident. Their trademark facial expression can be seen frequently in all their works and tend to switch from a serious style to a derp style on the drop of a coin.

Feather hopes their comics will be a nice escape from the dreary reality which everyone is suffering through, and that everyone will enjoy reading them no matter how weird they are.