Magazine Exclusive Comics

DOB: 12/12/xx
Favorite Colors: Purples, Reds, and Blues (growing partial to pastels and complicated designs)
Favorite Animes: Recently Tokyo Ghoul (season 1), SMC, Psycho-Pass, KLK, SNK, Fairy Tail, Team Four Star's Dragonball Z Abridged
Favorite Shows: Documentaries + Anything with Les Stroud or Alton Brown
Favorite Movies: Schindler's List, From Hell, DragonHeart, Dragonball Z: Ressurection F
Favorite Music: Spotify on random, lets see what happens!
Interests: Learning anything (random on wiki or youtube-learning channels are fun), Studying, Working, Art, Story-telling, Teaching.

Other: The very definition of self-taught, strong willed, tenacious artist who started with nothing and works for all they got. Embracing mistakes and sharing knowledge along the way, Tenor strives to make the most of what they got and then some. Being the parent to the world's next energy source isn't easy, as one has to strive to be a living role model for them. Only recently having hit the comic world with a passion of a thousand suns, Tenor's always been in love with story telling but never felt their novel skills were up to par; but drawing their ideas helped flourish until they learned and felt it was right to jump into the unique medium that is comics and has loved the torment ever since.