Magazine Exclusive Comics

DOB: 9/28/xx
Favorite Colors: Green, White, Black
Favorite Manga & Anime: 20th Century Boys, Monster, Solanin, Oyasumi PunPun.
Favorite Movies: 3 Idiots
Favorite Music: Bob Dylan's "Rolling in a Stone", "Sudalala Gutalala" by Bob Lennon, My Chemical Romance "We'll Carry On" and "Sing"
Interests: History, Mythology
Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Basketball

Other: Venom is an artist who always follows his dreams no matter how hard his life is. He graduated college with a BS in Information Technology and worked in a mall as a sales man, but he quit his job to pursue his dreams and to follow his heart. He now works in a farm, but still continues to draw. He really loves drawing and never gives up. He will continue to draw until the very end because his passion for drawing is what helps him to continue on when life is tough.