What is Comic Tea Party?
Comic Tea Party is basically a book club for comics. Participants have a week to read a comic, and then get together to discuss said comic.

When is Comic Tea Party?
Comic Tea Party is held every Thursday from 5-7 PM PST. However, the channel is always open, so people are free to discuss comics outside of those times as well. This is simply a scheduled meet-up for the chat to occur to ensure people come.

I have never used Discord. What is it?
Discord is a free to use messaging platform. Discord is available to use as a standalone program, within a browser, and also has Apple and Android apps. You do not need an account to use Discord or join the discussion. One simply just clicks the link to join the server. However, creating an account is very easy and gives you plenty of customization options.

Do I need to be a comic creator to participate?
No. The entire purpose of this project is to be reader oriented. While creators are welcome as well, the discussion with be focused less on technical aspects and more on reader interpretations of a work.

What if no one shows up to the chat?
Unfortunately, we can't really control people showing up to the chat or not. While we will do our best to promote the event, we are ultimately at the whims of participants. :(

How are the chats structured?
The main discussion is meant to be freeform. In other words, participants will be the ultimate deciders of what topics are discussed concerning the comic. However, a mod will be present to make sure the conversation does not go too far off topic (i.e. everyone starts talking about last night's episode of Game of Thrones instead of the comic). Occasionally, pre-planned questions will be prompted in the channel. However, answering these is at the discretion of participants and not a requirement; their presence is simply to encourage the discussions to continue in case people are shy, unsure of what to say, or anything else. At the end of each discussion, next week's comic will be announced.

Are these discussions family friendly?
In the spirit of StArt Faire, everything will mostly be kept to a loose, PG-13 rating.

Do I get anything for participating?
At this time, no. Participation is mostly just for fun. However, in the future we may consider having raffles or promotions of sorts for participating. That being said, each issue of StArt Faire will feature an ad for the project, and one comment from each chat is showcased.

How does volunteering my comic promote it?
For one, it will introduce people to your comic in the first place and assign them to read it. While we cannot guarantee it will gain you subscribers, people will see your work. As for part two, every month in StArt Faire's issue, you will be promoted on an ad for the project.

Do I have to show up to the discussion if I volunteer my comic?
Not at all. We understand everyone leads a busy life, so you are not obligated to come to the discussion. If you do choose to come, be forewarned criticism towards works may be present. If you are the type who cannot handle your work being criticized in any way, we would recommend not volunteering your comic.

What if someone starts bashing my comic in the discussion?
As mentioned, at least during the scheduled times, a mod will be present. While constructive criticism will be allowed, flat out bashing will not be and will be dealt with promptly. Outside of discussion hours, if you feel someone has broken one of the server rules, please be sure to send a message to one of the mods. It will be dealt with when possible. Remember, decisions of this nature are at the discretion of the mods.

Constructive criticism vs. bashing?
Allowed criticisms:
"I didn't care for how the main character was portrayed. I felt like they were a bit too mean compared to some of the side characters. I think they should have helped in chapter 3."
"The art is overall decent, but the color choices don't really do it for me. I think the creator could make them more neutral so we can see the backgrounds more and understand the world better."
"I wasn't into the backstabbing plot point. I don't feel there was enough to really give anybody a hint that it was going to happen."

Bad criticisms:
"I hate the main character. How could the creator think that was good? It's awful and they should feel awful for making them."
"The art sucks! F**k this comic!"
"The plot is really stupid. Why did we have to read this comic? A 5 year old could do better."