Excellence in Webcomics Awards

StArt Faire's Excellence in Webcomics Awards celebrate the incredible talent and creative diversity in the webcomics community. We received over 300 submissions and granted 46 awards during the 2016 EIW Award season.

Click here to see the 2016 EIW Award winners and listen to the 2016 Awards Podcast show.

This Fall, the 2017 EIW Awards will be accepting submissions for Excellence in Writing, Art, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Drama, Comedy and Horror or Mystery webcomics from Monday, October 16th through Tuesday, October 31st (EST). Our excellent panel of judges, many winners of awards last year returned to give awards to others, will be reviewing all submissions in November, with the ceremony itself taking place in December.

Remember to follow along for news about the 2017 EIW Awards on Twitter by following @DonathinFrye, @StArtFaire and using the official hashtag: #eiwAwards

You can also mingle with the StArt Faire community of artists on their Discord.