Indie comics are any comic that is not connected to a mainstream publisher (DC, Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, etc.). We are a magazine geared primarily towards webcomics and self-published comics.

We have deadlines every 29th (except February, when the deadline is on the 28th). Submissions for tiers are always open unless stated otherwise on the submissions page.

Yes! You retain full copyright and ownership of your works! The only rights you give to StArt Faire is the license to publish the works in our magazine.

StArt Faire is a not for profit magazine. As such, we are unable to provide creators with monetary compensation at this time. While we do have a Patreon, money donated to it goes towards maintaining the webhosting costs.

What we mean by older teen is basically no porn or excessively graphic violence. If you are still unsure please contact us at startfaire@startfaire.com so we can more clearly analyze the specifics of your situation.

Absolutely not. We are open to all styles. While we do have many contributors who are reminiscent of manga and anime, this is not a requirement.

No. All content must pass various levels of quality control. In the case of Exclusive Comics, Exclusive Light Novels, and Mirrored Comics, these will be voted on by current contributors. Everything else must at least receive approval from the StArt Faire admins before being allowed into the magazine.

Yes, as long as all parties are properly credited.

While we prefer those who can submit monthly, we do allow for contributors to submit every other month if that works better for them.

This is 100% okay, but please contact us as soon as possible! We definitely understand that people have varying reasons for deciding to drop out, so no worries. All we ask is that you inform us so that we can take the appropriate action within the magazine and on the site.

Our hiatus policies depend on the reason. If you suffer a catastrophic life event (death in the family, eviction, etc.), we usually allow for extended hiatuses.

In most cases, though, we allow the following:

You may take 2 months off (one month if you are submitting every other month) with absolutely no submissions of any sort.

You may take 3 months off (one-two months if you are submitting every other month) if you submit some sort of filler content (comic extra, exclusive fan art, an article, a tutorial, etc.)

If your hiatus persists after this time period, we will issue warnings and, if need be, discontinue your content in the magazine. We want to be understanding to everyone's situation, but we also must consider what is fair to our other contributors and our readers as well. :(

These are comics that appear *first in the magazine before anywhere else and are at least 20 pages or more. After waiting two days upon a respective issue's release, creators are free to post their content wherever they choose.

*Exceptions: you are allowed to use the pages as an early access reward on Patreon or similar services.

Mirrored comics are a mirror of an ongoing or finished comic that are at least 20 pages or more. The pages appear on a regular basis, but the creator isn't obligated to post the pages first with the magazine.

Yes, though there are a few stipulations. First off, the magazine must have "caught up" to where the comic is at in its main location. Second, you must submit a manual request to startfaire@startfaire.com in order for the switch to occur. You will be obligated to the same expectations of all Exclusive Comics (i.e. pages appear first in the magazine).

Yes. Contributors who debut their comics with us will receive access to a downloadable version of the magazine, as well as immediate access to all Exclusive Comic perks.

Yes. Whether the comic has been published online or in print, it will count as having debuted. The only exception is for content that has been exclusively behind a paywall (such as Patreon).

Please contact us before submitting. Major art style changes must be approved by admins before it will be allowed in the magazine.

No. We are happy to reuse a single cover however many times you wish.

Featured comics are one of two types of submissions. The first type is a one-time preview of an already ongoing comic. These allow creators of any comic to be able to advertise their comic. The second type are one-shot comics.

These are comics that are less than 20 pages.

Light novels are essentially novels that contain illustrations. While in Japan they are geared towards middle and high school students, we do not have this requirement for them. See here for visual examples of light novels.

We accept most writing styles for Light Novels. You may choose to write your story in a novel-like format, or you may write them in script form.

Unfortunately, StArt Faire is unable to provide services to rectify this situation. We can suggest trying forums in places such as Tapas.io and using Twitter to find a collaborative partner.

Yes. Regardless of submission type or tier, black & white art is always acceptable in the magazine. We are only concerned if the art is quality versus whether it is colored or not.

No~! We accept one-time submissions of articles and the like as well.

Yes. Written content has no specific debut requirements at this time.

We are not looking for magazine professional design. A little color and a few images can go a long way. If you're really stuck, please check out both our Resources link as well as our Templates. These should help get you started. If you're still in need of some advice, please contact rebelvampire@startfaire.com to receive some more assistance.

In most cases, adding borders to your pages is completely acceptable. Please review this article for a how-to on doing that: Resizing Tutorial

Yes & no. Our caps largely depend on how many pages each current contributor is submitting. Closed submission tiers will be noted on the submissions page near the deadline at the top.

Featured Comics, while not capped, may form a queue if any issue has too many submissions.

There are a number of small things you can do to help out the magazine if you're really passionate. If you are an artist, you can submit fanart that pertains to our Exclusive Comic Contributors and show your appreciation for the creators. If you have a comic or blog or store, you can also submit an ad every month! We also accept short stories if you're a writer! If worse comes to worse, simply participating on our Discord with our various events helps out as well!

In order to respect the time of our contributors who vote on many of the tiers, we only allow resubmissions under the condition that significant changes have been made to the content since it was originally submitted. This includes major changes to the story, to the art style, or similar items. Please contact admins to verify whether your submission qualifies for resubmission.