What is an Exclusive Comic?
These comics will debut in the magazine before appearing anywhere else online! After waiting a grace period of two days the artist can then post their magazine released pages where ever and how ever they like. However, there's an agreement to not release any new pages until after they've first appeared in the magazine, that way the magazine readers always have the first look~! The exception to this is with early page releases on Patreon, or in any case where there is potential for the artist to make money off of their comic.

What is a Mirrored Comic?
These are comics that have already debuted online (or in print). They can either be ongoing or finished. Regardless, they appear every month in the magazine on a continual basis. Essentially, they're a mirror for comics.

What is a Featured Comic?
These comics are previews for comics that are already released online and are ongoing outside of the magazine. One shots also fall into this category.

What do you mean by indie comics?
They're any comic that isn't currently attached to a publisher. The implication is especially aimed towards webcomics and the webcomic community since it is rich with stories and art.

How big should my page/written work/etc. be?
Pages should be 960px width x 1440px height and be legible at that size. This is proportionate to a 6x9 inch page size.

How many pages do I need to submit a month?
For Exclusive and Mirrored Comics, there is a monthly minimum of 4 comic pages with a cover page, and a maximum of 10 comic pages with a cover page. For Featured, you will submit your comic only once. It must be a minimum of 4 pages with a cover page and a maximum of 10 pages with a cover page. For one shots there is a 24 comic page maximum (with a cover page). Written content must not exceed two pages fully formatted.

Are collaborations allowed?
Yes, of course! Just make sure to credit everyone involved. If you're a writer and using copyrighted images, make sure to get permission from the original creator for their use.

Will I be paid?
No, there's no monetary compensation at this time but it's something we would like to work towards in the future. In lieu of this, we highly recommend submitting ads for personal Patreons or similar.

Do I keep the rights to my work?
Of course! All works submitted to the magazine remain 100% the work of their creator. StArt Faire takes no claim of ownership towards any work submitted to it.

If I submit am I automatically in?
No, we'd like comics that are above a beginner skill level and are representative of the artist's best work. In regards to written work, some topics may be too abundantly present or just may overall not be appropriate for our audience and goals. Having said that, we're open to a wide range and are looking for a lot of variety in content.

What things aren't I allowed to do within the rating?
Stay away from the really graphic stuff and don't make a character that curses like a sailor and you'll probably be okay.

What if I want to draw a Magazine Exclusive Comic but I can only submit every other month?
While not our preferred, we'll still allow it. Just state in your email that you can only submit pages every other month along with the rest of your submission information. We do however suggest applying as a featured artist instead if you need breaks longer than every other month.

What if I'm a Magazine Exclusive Artist but I have to drop out?
That's fine, just let StArt Faire know one issue in advance. If there is an emergency that makes an early notification of leaving impossible don't sweat it, you've got more important things to worry about if that's the case.

How do you feel about LGBTA comics?
Perfectly okay! Just don't make it pornographic~

What are your expectations with reviews and interviews?
Always be respectful and courteous when writing about a creator and their work, and make sure to get the creator's permission before writing about anything relating to them.

I want to submit an article/other type of written work, but I can't make it look nice. What do I do?
Please take a look at our article examples for what the bare minimum is for acceptance. We aren't expecting magazine professional design, so a little color and pictures can go a long way. If it's an issue of lacking programs, please check out our Resources link; we have a lot of free programs listed that can help you in your design work. If you're still unsure on what to do, please contact rebelvampire@startfaire.com for assistance.

I want to submit my comic for Mirrored or Featured, but resizing my pages makes them look ugly. What do I do?
If you cannot resize the entire page to suit our page size, simply adding a border around the page to meet our page size requirements is acceptable and has yet to become an issue within the magazine.

Do you have a cap on submissions?
For Featured Comics, they will be put into a queue and appear in the next issue that is possible. In regards to Mirrored Comics, after the magazine reaches six ongoing series, we will begin rotating series with one another to allow works to be seen. However, this is subject to change depending on submission volume for the tier.