Submissions for Issue 22 are due by December 29th, 2017!

Mirrored submissions are currently closed

Submissions Guidelines

Accepted Types of Submissions

* Exclusive Comics - Comics that debut in StArt Faire and always appear in StArt Faire first
* Mirrored Comics - Ongoing or finished comics that are serialized regularly in StArt Faire
* Featured Comics - Ongoing or finished comics that have a one time preview in StArt Faire
* One-Shots (comics up to 24 pages + a cover)
* 4-Panel/4-Komas; one 4-Koma should equal half a page (4-Koma examples)
Written Works & Other
* Webcomic/Indie Comic reviews and recommendations
* Interviews with webcomic/indie comic creators
* Articles on conventions or artist alley
* Art & Comic related tutorials
* Short stories
* Full page ads for Patreons, comics, etc. (Templates)
* Fanart for Exclusive Comics


* Submissions should be original content; no fan-works!
* Comics and short stories should be fictional (no daily life comics)
* No pornographic or extreme gore works
* If a collaboration, all parties must be credited
* Art should be above a beginner skill level. Please only submit your best work!
* Watermarks (if used), should not be distracting.
* Fonts should be easy to read
* If applying for the team as an Exclusive Artist or Regular Writing Contributor, you must be able to submit on a monthly basis
* If submitting as a Featured Comic, you may only submit your comic once


* Sizes for everything except fan-art, videos, and audio should be 960px width by 1440px height (proportionate to 6x9in.)(Templates)
* Written works should be visually interesting
Page Amounts
* Exclusive and Mirrored Comics: 4-10 pages + a cover page (submitted monthly)
* Featured Comics: 4-10 pages + a cover page (submitted one time)
* One-shots: up to 24 pages + a cover page
* Articles (reviews, recommendations, etc.): up to 3 pages (must be formatted)
* Tutorials: taken on a case-by-case basis depending on written or drawn
* Other items: decided on a case-by-case basis; please contact us (


What to Send + SUBMIT!

What to Send
When applicable, please send a high-quality JPG format
* Exclusive Comics & One-Shots: Please send us a brief summary of your comic and an example of the art style you will be using in the comic
*Mirrored & Featured Comics: Send us a link to your comic for us to look over
* Regular Writing Contributor: Send us an example of your work and describe what sort of articles you would like to write for StArt Faire
* All Other Submissions: Send us the finished piece for evaluation

Mirrored submissions are currently closed

Please send all information directly to us at:
or fill out the form below: