Writer for Exclusive Comic

Chad Bonin (@chadbonin) is a part-time writer and editor known for the original comic books The Shadow Bay Bee (co-created with Kelly Leigh Miller) and Magical Girl Something Something (co-created with Kabocha), alongside being an editor for 100+ releases of Japanese titles in America, ranging from harlequin romance novels to the works of Osamu Tezuka and a regular contributor to Toon Zone (toonzone.net) for over a decade. A lifelong comic book, sci-fi, and video game fan, Chad regularly complains about things on Twitter and at his own website, chadbonin.com. Topics range from “why am I putting on weight” immediately after winning a Chicken McNugget eating contest (forty in six minutes!) to how awesome it is when a theme song starts playing for the final battle in an episode of Kamen Rider (very awesome).

Other Works

The Shadow Bay Bee