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DOB: 8/29/xx
Favorite Anime/Manga Genre: Shoujo, Shonen, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance
Hobbies: Napping, drinking tea, writing silly things, reading, poor attempts at crafty stuff, doodling stick figures

Other: Jazeki prides herself on knowing a lot of useless information that is somehow relevant to whatever the topic is at hand. She is also able to quietly move from one place to another--much like a ninja. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing and a Master of Arts in Library and Information Science. When she was in school a million years ago, her areas of focus were short stories, poetry, playwriting, mythology, storytelling, YA and children's multicultural literature, and instructional materials and design. Sometimes, she writes for webcomics. She enjoys traveling and learning new things. Her favorite animals are cats, unicorns, wolves, and dinosaurs. She realizes that this section is all over the place, but that's okay.